Monday, 3 November 2014

Outreach offer to AB Ski Clubs regarding Alberta Ski Team Qualification

Hi folks
Please expect the AST/ADT criteria to be posted on the CCA website  by end of day Nov 4, 2014. It has been a good process; first engaging in conversations with many of you, following that up with a survey to confirm the evidence/information that was gathered in the personal interviews, then a couple of rounds of open consultations via email seeking feedback on proposed criteria, resulting in the approved selection criteria.
I would like to extend a couple offers to clubs and coaches:
- if you are in the greater Calgary area I would be happy to meet with you and your athletes to explain the selection criteria and answer questions in person
- if you are not in the greater Calgary area (sorry, Alberta is big, and I dont have time in my volunteer role to travel the provice and still have a day job) I would be happy to either set up a skype interview with you and your athletes or a telephone conversation with the coach so that you can explain the criteria.
- alternately, the CCA Lake Louise camp is coming up this weekend. I would be happy to drive to LL on saturday evening to meet with athletes and coaches to explain criteria and answer questions.
Please note - the criteria that will be published have been approved by CCA and will be the criteria for the 2015-16 AST/ADT. Qualification for the 2015-16 AST/ADT will take place during the 2014-15 ski season.
My goal with this outreach is around communication so that clubs and athletes have as much time as possible given our current process to think about and plan for attending the appropriate events. The hope is that information can be used to motivate athletes to set goals and work towards achieving those goals.
Im not sure this kind of outreach by AST director has been very commonly done in the past - this is something I would like to offer. my experience has been that many many athletes have been unclear in the past about what they need to do to qualify for AST or ADT. Hoepfully communication can help with that one.
Please contact me ifyou'd like me to engage in a conversation with you and your athletes. I would be happy to do so. Should there be a need for an additional information session at thte first ab cup races in canmore I would be happy to facilitate that sharing of information and question period.
AST Director 2014-16